SJN Studios Affordable Professional Photography

Our Professional Pet and Equestrian Photography can provide you with beautiful images of your beloved pets, cats, dogs, horses and more! We have even had a pet chicken come down to the studio for a shoot before.

Pet Photography

We can provide both studio and location shoots for your pet images, they can be just your pet looking lovely on thier own, or you can jump in and have some shots with them too!

Equestrian Photography

We can provide a wide range of equestrian photography, often photographing Polo matches, show jumping and simple stunning portraits of your horses. It's obviosuly a little difficult to have the horses come to the studio, so more of these types of shoots would be conduction on location at your stable or yard.

We look forward to hearing from you and arranging your pet or equestrain shoot.

SJN Studios only use Canon Professional Photographic Equipment, with shoots using the highest end cameras to give clients a whopping 21 megapixel photos in digital format, big enough to print bill board size! This ensures the best possible quality for use in prints and online, giving results like no other.


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