SJN Studios Affordable Professional Photography

Our Professional Baby and Kids Photography can capture the most amazing time in your life and the start of your child's life, forming a piece of photographic art to treasure for years to come.

New Born & Baby Photography

Once the baby has arrived have some shoots of the little bundle of joy, along with mum, dad and anyone else. Bring along anything you think might work for the shoot, toys, booties and all sorts! We can advice directly on what will create some great photos before the shoot.

Child & Toddler Photography

As they grow a little bit more come into the studio for some fun and games! photos of children often work best when they are unaware and playing, we also find getting them out of the studio works equally well. See more information here.

Parties and Friends

Bring them down with their little friends and we can cater for a Birthday party photo shoot, lots of outfit changes and fun and games in the studio and on location!

We look forward to hearing from you and arranging your shoot.

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