Professional Live Music Photography

[dropcap cap="O"]ur Professional Live Music Photography can cover your gig, concert or live music type event from every angle. SJN Studios like to a good gig! So much so that we may be willing to attend your event and take photos for free! We offer a wide range of band and live music photography services and can cover a small local gig with a single photographer up to huge venue gigs with several photographers.

The basic hourly rate can be seen to the left, please contact us with details of your event and we can tell you if it meets the criteria for free photography.

Live Music and Band Photography

Its fairly simple really, give us the venue, an idea of the style of music and a set list and we will do the rest! If you have some specific ideas on how you want the photos to look then we are happy to work with you on this.
Band Promo Photography

We can provide a wide range of promo photography services, for use on albums and demo covers, posters and flyers. We can also provide design services and printing services to take you from photograph right through to finished printed goods. Check out our promo photography and design services.

There's more...and up to 15% Commission!

We are also happy to offer up to 15% commission on the sale of images at or after your gig, so in fact we may attend your event for free and then pay you!

Own a Live Music Venue?

We can arrange agreements to send regular photographers to you venue to cover all of your live music events, we can even arrange your own gallery to display images and sell them online. Contact us if you think this may be an option for you.

We look forward to hearing from you and arranging your shoot.

SJN Studios only use Canon Professional Photographic Equipment, with shoots using the highest end cameras to give clients a whopping 21 megapixel photos in digital format, big enough to print bill board size! This ensures the best possible quality for use in prints and online, giving results like no other.


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