Professional Bespoke Photo Shoots

[dropcap cap="O"]ur Professional Bespoke Photo Shoots have wide and varied uses and can cater for exactly what the client needs, no matter how odd, bizarre or complicated it may be! even it seems impossible we may be able to work miracles for you.

Photography in areas such as Aerial Photography from planes, cranes and hot air balloons, Underwater Photography from swimming pools to the deep blue see, Time Lapse Photography for street scene and flowers opening, High Speed Photography from explosions to bullets passing though apples - we can cater for it all!

As this type of photography is specific to a clients needs it is not possible to give an overview of what can be achived in a set time or the prices involved for the work, the best way to get a specific qoute is to contact us directly with a rough idea of what you require and we will get back to you.

We look forward to hearing from you and arranging your personal shoot.

SJN Studios only use Canon Professional Photographic Equipment, with shoots using the highest end cameras to give clients a whopping 21 megapixel photos in digital format, big enough to print bill board size! This ensures the best possible quality for use in prints and online, giving results like no other.


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