Make-Up and Hair Styling often goes hand in hand with a photo shoot, you want to look your best for your photos and we can offer you the best possible make-up and hair stylists at affordable prices.

Range of Stylists

We have a range of make-up and hair stylists, both at studios and salons and available for onsite work during location based photo shoots! You can pick from a different level of stylists depending on your budget and requirements, we need to add though that the junior stylists are still fully trained and can produce some brilliant results!

How to look?

Both the hair and make-up artists are happy to work with your ideas of how you want to look; linked with input from SJN Studios photographers and the artist’s expertise we can ensure your make-up and hair match the photos you want. If you don’t have an idea on how you want to look then don’t worry! You can have make-up and hair work done just for fun and try out a range of different styles and see what works best.

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